I want to write more blog posts. I do. Whenever I have time to think, I spend it trying to think about things I could write about...

It's been a long time...

Death Valley, California. A metaphor for the state of this blog.

I want to write more blog posts.

I do.

Whenever I have time to think, I spend it trying to think about things I could write about. How I feel about a certain topic, perhaps, or an idea for a silly post like the ones I used to write. But then I think, who'd care about that shit? I'm not sure I would. Everyone has opinions and everyone thinks they should blog about them and then with everyone blogging about their opinions and views I think we're all starting to realise that we really don't give a fuck. Besides, even when I have an idea that I think will really be a hit, it suffers in the execution. I begin to write it, and I realise that I hate my own writing, and before I know it the keyboard is covered in blood from all the punching myself in the face.

I could write about writing, I suppose. Advice, opinions, maybe a journal of my own progress. That might do well - my example letter to a literary agent is still one of the biggest hits on my entire blog, after all. But no. No. I can't do that. I'm not qualified. Advice on writing from someone like me would be about as valuable as advice on writing from E L James or my girlfriend's cat. Worthless.

So what else? Perhaps I should just write. Just write a load of words as they come into my head, like I'm doing now. But that ends up all dribbly and nonsensical, scattered and pointless, like the post you're reading right now. No, that won't do at all.

God knows I have enough short story ideas to fill a blog with first drafts that no one will ever read. I should make time for those, really. I never feel like I have time for them, but I should make it. I know a girl who does a vlog, and she's really good at making time for that. She sets other things aside to make her videos, because it's what she wants to do. The rest can wait.

I should do that too.

I have a good idea for a serial I'd like to write, kind of like a novel that I don't edit to death, but instead post here a chapter at a time, as I write it. Maybe that would catch the attention of the people. It'd certainly be exciting, feeling like I had to finish the next bit to keep the blog going. Yeah, maybe I should get on with that.

Yeah! I should!

Get a grip. Make time. If this is my passion, I need to make sure I allow myself to be passionate.

Thanks for the talk. You've really helped.

I'll start tomorrow. Or at the weekend, or something. I don't know, whenever I have time.

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