I'm sure no one has been wondering why I haven't posted a book review for a while. Well, worry not, because I'm going to ex...

I'm sure no one has been wondering why I haven't posted a book review for a while. Well, worry not, because I'm going to explain the reason anyway!

It's partly because I don't want to find myself writing another big long review being horribly mean to someone, only to have them stumble across it. That's not cool. It's also partly because some books aren't interesting enough to inspire a long review, and who wants a whole blog post for one mini-review?

But mostly, it's because I want to spend more time writing fiction and less time writing reviews. I've mentioned before that my writing time is precious, so I want to use it wisely.

So, from now on, I'll post a monthly roundup of books I've read, with a short review for each. I might not even do it every month, because I'm a renegade who doesn't follow anyone's rules, not even my own. Deal with it.

Let's go.

Brandon Sanderson is really cool. He has a writing course you can watch for free on YouTube, and it's great. Check it out.

But I did not enjoy this book. It was cheesy, the protagonist was boring, the attempted comedy didn't work for me at all, and the weird fake swearing ("slontze!", "sparks!") was cringeworthy.

Sorry Brandon.


I read this book in a day. That's the first time I've ever read a novel in a day.

Not that that's necessarily a comment on its quality. It was good, but not life-changing. It's just that I was on holiday and it was cloudy and there was not much better to do.

It was good though. I enjoyed it. Utterly detestable characters making thoroughly stupid decisions, which always kept the plot moving. And nice big words so you feel like you're reading a big thick book when really if they'd just used a normal font size it'd be like 100 pages shorter.


No. Just no. I mean... I can't even bring myself to write about it again. If you really want to see what I thought about it, check out my Instagram post. The TL;DR is that this book should not have been published, at least not in its current form.


The brilliant story of a bad husband and the mess he's left in when his wife goes missing on their anniversary.

I loved the film already, which ruined the book a bit because I knew what was going to happen. But still, it was gripping, and the writing is genuinely excellent. This deserves all the praise it gets, I think.

Those characters though, they're almost all despicable. That seems to be the theme for thrillers.